Friday, September 28, 2012

Light at the end of the tunnel: One day, you will be able to shower before 3pm

By the time I was 21, I had a minivan and a double stroller. 
By 22 years old, I had a 3.5 year old, all most 2 year old, and pregnant with my 3rd son. Around the time I delivered Kieran, Mr. Man got out of the NAVY. He moved to TN, and for six weeks, I was at our house in VA, packing, breastfeeding, and potty training. I remember one day, our realtor came by to show the house and hadn't called. I was nursing, Cam was stark naked sitting on his potty in the living room, and Dylan was running around in his underwear. I remember having a nervous breakdown that day.
4th of July 2006. This was my era of 3 car seats, a double stroller, and baby sling. Going to the grocery store was a nightmare. Truthfully, going anywhere by myself was a nightmare. By the time I would get everyone dressed, the baby would need to nurse and then, we would have to wait 15 more minutes for my potty trainer to make pee-pee before we left the house.. Nurse the baby, put everyone's shoes on, and rush out before I needed to feed the baby again. I remember "dressing up" was getting a shower, and out of my pjs. Wonder why some moms look "frumpy"? Because, during this time, we can barely shower, much less keep track of laundry, and do our hair. 
September, 2008, I had a 5.5 year old, 4 year old, 2 year old, and 4 month old. I call this period, perpetual stress. Dylan was always late to Kindergarten. The house was always a disaster. I felt stressed all of the time. Again, every wonder why moms of young kids seem to be stressed and habitually late? Imagine having to dress yourself, and 4 other people, changing multiple diapers, getting zero sleep, only to have to wake up early and start the day all over again. People would always say, "I don't know how you do it!" I'd smile and give some "children are such a blessing" speech, when really, I wondered how long before I'd be checking into the nut house. During this time, my oldest, very wise sister told me, "One day, it won't be like this! You'll be able to leave the house without a diaper bag and stroller. You won't have to buckle car seats! Hang in there." 

September 2012. Listen up Moms, one day, this is not a dream. Your time is coming.
One day, you will be able to:
  • Really talk with your kids, and get intelligible words back.
  • Go to the grocery store, and send your kids to get various items, while you walk slowly down the aisles.
  • Hop in the car, spur of the moment, and go somewhere..sans diaper bag, stroller, and  a change of clothes.
  • Go to restaurant, and eat.. in peace. No high chairs, screaming, cutting up food or getting hot water to heat up a bottle.
  • Lay out at the pool and beach! One day, you will be able to soak up the sun, without worrying about who's drowning, or eating sand. 
  • Go on road trips, and not having to stop to feed them. You can hand back happy meals, and keep driving.
  • Chores. Glorious chores! You will have HELP in the housework. And guess what? The older they get, the cleaner they get, because they realize how much work it takes to pick up their mess!
  • You can primp, put on make up, and dress up. You won't have to worry about a baby spitting up on you or how easily you can nurse in what shirt or running after a toddler in heels. Your kids will wake up, get themselves breakfast, and dress themselves!
  • You will sleep in! Saturday mornings, you will be able to sleep in, knowing your kids can fend for themselves, turn the tv on to their cartoon station, and keep it down.
  • You will be by yourself. One day, the kids will go to school, and the day will be yours! You will be able to sit and read. You can clean in peace, and remark how quiet the house is. 
  • You don't have to share. No longer will you have to share whatever sweet you eat after you put the kids to bed. If they catch you, you can tell them it's yours, without a melt down, tantrum. 
  • They will read themselves a good night story. You will send them to bed, and they will lie in bed reading, while you watch whatever show you desire.
  • They will be empathetic. When you have a hard day, you don't have to cry alone in the shower, your kids will ask you how they can help. 
  • You and your husband will have conversations that do not include the consistency of diaper contents, who smeared toothpaste all of the bathroom, and who's teething. You'll connect on an adult level.
 These things, I one day thought would never be possible, are happening. I remember dreading getting out of bed just thinking about my exhausting day ahead. I'm glad I had someone there to tell me it wouldn't always be like this, that this was just a stage of life, and to hang in there. So, to all of my mamas, who are sleep deprived, emotionally and physically drained, and feeling like there's no end in sight, hang in there! There's light at the end of the tunnel!   


  1. And one day you will be alone. Really alone. The kids will be gone and you will miss the days of gazing into a baby's eyes as he nurses. You will miss tucking babies in to bed and they will outgrow wanting to cuddle.

    While there are tough days as a mama to babies, they are all too few. Soak them up <3

  2. Grandbabies. :-)