Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fall Creek Falls: Falling in the Falls PART II

This area is called the "Cascades." In order to get this picture, I had to lie on my back and tilt my camera at a certain angle. Cam and Dylan were convinced I was going to fall to my death and kept begging me to stop and come back. We had been walking about for all most 2 hrs, and it had begun sprinkling again. Before we left, I wanted to get one good shot of all of us in front of the falls. This is where are trip went down hill very quickly.

See that rocky ledge to the right? My idea was to get everyone sitting on there. Mind you, we had been walking all over these wet rocks all day, so I wasn't the least bit concerned. I began crossing over the wetting spot, when I felt myself slipping. I was holding Briley, and didn't want us going down the little edge into the pool of water, so I stuck my left hand out, turned my right foot out, and fell straight on my wrist, and bottom. As I was falling, I heard a pop in my right knee. Lying there in the water with Briley on my stomach (completely unscathed), I told Kevin, "I broke my leg. I broke my leg! Something popped! I can't move my knee!" Kevin walked over to get Briley from me, and as soon as he got him, Liam fell off of the ledge to the BACK. 
I heard Kevin saying, "Hon! GET HIM! HON behind you! He's going under. HON now!!!!!" I was still lying in the middle of the ledge, but I knew if I went over too fast, I would fall in, and might not be able to grab Liam out. I was sliding over as Kevin was screaming, and watching Liam treading, treading, sinking, the second his head went under, I pulled him out. It was terrifying. I hugged my dripping little boy, and handed him to Kevin, as Kevin helped me up and handed me Briley. 
Around this time, Cameron decided to push Dylan into the water. Mind you after my fall and Liam's near drowning, a small group of spectators on the suspension bridge above us had gathered and were gawking at our family. Dylan fell in holding Abby's leash, and Abby was jerked into the water. Kevin put Liam down, ran over and pulled Abby out. Dylan crawled out and yelled, "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! YOU HELPED THE DOG FIRST!!!!" I was laughing out of exhaustion and Kevin told him, "You can swim, the dog can't." 

 As the adrenaline began to wear off, my knee started killing me. Remember my "Flashlights, Parasites and Scotch tape" post where I discuss Kevin's lack of empathy? I told him I was in a lot of pain, and maybe we should just head back early. He told me I can put my foot up just as well here as anywhere, and that he already paid our $60 for the three day reservation. At this point, Dylan and Cam chimed in telling him they were done and that this park stunk. Poor Mr. Man. I know he put in so much hard work. Kevin began packing up and within an hour, we were pulling out of Fall Creek Falls. 
We arrived home, and my dear friend/neighbor offered to bring me an ace bandage. Mr. Man was still convinced we should have stayed and that "a little ice" would have fixed me up. We went to bed, and I woke up around 1am with a burning sensation all over my knee. I went into the bathroom, and realized I was allergic to something in the ace bandage and it was burning my skin. It reminded me of when I was in Middle School and used to use that hair removal for my mustache. If I left it on too long, it take off a layer of skin, leaving me with a rash stache. After took off the ace bandage, I splashed water on my leg and was left with a rash in the checkered pattern of the bandage. I hobbled back to bed.
This morning, I convinced Mr. Man to take me to the ER. I was given this behemoth, some Lortab and naproxen, and told to follow up with an orthopedic doctor next week. I don't think the PA really cared too much about my knee. I asked about an MRI and he schooled me saying there were only used in emergencies. I all most cried when they straightened my knee to put the brace on. Kevin and the boys had eaten lunch and gotten new shoes at Kohl's. By "new shoes" Kevin bought his same style of Sketchers that he's worn for the past 8 yrs, and bought Kieran and Cam some "special" bright orange and black tennis shoes. (Because orange and black match everything, right?)

 I felt bad about calling the pharmacist on a holiday, so I went home and found some hydrocodone tablets from 2007 and took one. I'm pretty sure I tore a ligament, but we'll have to wait and see. I can say very confidently that was the worst family vacation ever, and that we will most likely not be back to Fall Creek Falls.  

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