Monday, September 3, 2012

Girlfriends all women should have

I have always related to women, more than men. Maybe it was growing up in a house with all women, but for whatever reason, I have always surrounded myself with amazing girlfriends. Each of my friends is different, and each girlfriend thinks differently and adds a different flare to my life. 
The Spiritual Advisor Girlfriend: This is the girlfriend who may not always side with you, but will always offer Godly advice from a Christian perspective. My mom, sisters, a former teacher, and other various girlfriends fit into this category. Life is hard, sometimes, you need sound, Biblical advice. These girlfriends will pray with you and for you. They encourage you to grow in your walk with Christ, and keep you on track with the Lord. Sometimes, it's hard to hear their words, but these girlfriends will not waiver to your pouting, and encourage you to walk the the walk.
The Tell It How It Is Girlfriend: I love opinionated people. I have strong opinions and am passionate about how I feel and my beliefs. My girlfriends Tammy, Teresa, Shannon, Joan, Kelley,  and Bethany are a few I can think. These girlfriends do not mince words and will give their opinions without reservations. These girlfriends seek justice for others, and encourage you to stand up for your beliefs. They are your fighters. They are extremely loyal and will stick by you through thick and thin. When you have been wronged, they are the first to your defense. These girlfriends will have your backs no matter what. 
The Peacemaker Girlfriend: Everyone needs a sweet, nice, likable girlfriend. Mine are Martha, Sara, and several other "nice-ies." I love the peacemakers, when I'm ready to fight, they are there to cool things down, and offer a solution. These girlfriends are able to keep a cool head under pressure, and calm things down. The peacemakers have many friends, because they are kind hearted, and are able to hold their tongues. The exhibit the self-control I wish I had, and instead of seeking justice, are more concerned with seeking a resolution.

The Pick-Up Where You Left Off Girlfriend: Dana, Anna, Stephanie, and Danielle, have been my friends since high school. We can go months, even a full year without speaking, but when we see each other, we don't miss a beat. Every girl needs a girlfriend that knows her history. There's no explaining, no putting on errs, she already knows that time you skipped school, or the drama of your first divorce. She knows how you grew up, and how you got to where you are now, and still loves you for it. These girlfriends remind you of where you came from, and how far you've come. They keep you grounded and keep you young. Everyone needs to hold onto these girlfriends, because no matter, through all of the years of drama, tears, and fights, you're still there for each other. These are lifetime friendships.

The Cheerleader Girlfriends: I have tons of these. I love positive people. My girlfriends Amy, Donna, Ginger, Sue, Carrie, and Debbie are so supportive. When I'm having a rough day, they encourage me. When I need to vent they tell me I can do it! Every girlfriend needs a friend who sees the best in them, and helps push them through the hard times. These people are so positive, it's impossible to not be positive around them. These girlfriends put a smile on your face, and you always have a great with them. 
The Internet Girlfriends: When I was pregnant with Kieran, I became friends with a group of Mamas online. Shannon, Jesse, Sharon, Lou,  Hannah, Marianne, Lindy, Sarah, Paula, Christy, ....I could go on and on! My pregnancy with Liam lead me to search out a group of Mamas with similar due dates. Maybe you meet these people by chance, or they are old friends or people you've never met. I LOVE my internet girlfriends. I have met lifelong friends who listen to my heart and share theirs. Internet girlfriends open up their lives and souls to you, and help you sort through life's issues. Everyday, I log on and see how my sweet internet girlfriends are doing. One of my very best friends I met online. We call each other several times a week, and have seen each other numerous times. These are people that judge you based on your words, not on your appearance, or actions. These are imperative. They offer unbiased advice, cheer you on, and share their life experiences. I don't know where I'd be without them! 


  1. I marvel at the internet friendship category. :-) Who would have ever thought a person could have a real and meaningful friendship with a person that they have never met! Not me! You are living proof it is possible...and I thank God for you.

    (I hope I am the Lou you listed...)


    1. What? Who is this? And why are you posting my blog? He he he.. of course it's you. I mean, how many Lou's could I know? You are a God send, and a fountain full of wisdom and knowledge!