Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fall Creek Falls: Before the Fall PART I

For Labor Day weekend, we decided to pack up, and head to Fall Creek Falls State park. We knew FCF would be busy during the Holiday weekend, so Thursday night, Kevin took the camper and reserved our campsite. This also happened to be the weekend our good friends were attending a wedding, so we had five boys ages 2-9.5 yrs old. Friday night, we loaded up in our excursion, Clampet style with 5 boys, 1 dog, and camping supplies. Normally Friday nights mean pizza and a movie, so we were lucky to find a Little Ceasar's on the way to the park. 

We arrived just before sundown, and it was packed and loud. Normally, state parks have large campsites that are spread apart, and lots of room to ride bikes and hike. We were packed in like sardines, and our neighbors were noisy. Yes, yes, "What did you expect on Labor Day weekend?" I don't know. Just not this. We unpack the car, and realize we have forgotten the pack-N-play, which means sweet Briley would be sleeping in between Kevin and I. 

Our camper has 3 bunks, and 1 queen bed. The bunks are very long. We also have 2 tvs.
At bedtime, we put on a movie for the boys, and lay in bed watching our tv. As you can imagine, reception wasn't great in the middle of nowhere, while the boys watched Alvin and the Chipmunks:Chipwrecked for the 13th time; Kevin and I watched an entire hour of Ireland cheese making. Briley finally fell asleep stretched out in the middle of the bed, suffice to say, we didn't get much sleep that night.

Saturday morning we woke up ready to start our adventure, and it was drizzling. We packed up anyways, and headed to go hiking and look at some of the falls! It was beautiful. We first stopped at George's Hole. Kevin found the name very humorous, and proceeded with many "Honey, I want to go to George's Hole. Do you want to see his hole?" Sometimes, he's worse than the kids. 
 We got out and let Abby off of her leash. (Another perk of camping) Abby loves our camping adventures because she's allowed to get off of her leash and run as fast as she can and sniff all sorts of good smells. Abby is a very smart dog, but a bit of a sissy. When it came time to go across the suspension bridge, she began shaking and had her claws digging into the wooden planks. We praised her and coaxed her along, but somewhere in the middle, she began tinkling on the bridge. Poor Abbs. 

Next, we headed to see the Falls. Kevin and I switched Briley duty on and off and away we explored.
After some exploring, I got a brilliant idea of taking a picture with all of us in front of the falls. To be cont'd...........


  1. I believe I might have tinkled on that bridge as well.

    ~ Lou

  2. Lol* says the adventurer who has truly traveled to Timbuktu!