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Sad & Depressing, a review of "Becoming Sister Wives" PART 1

Oh, Sister Wives on TLC. I must admit, I've watched this trainwreck show from the beginning. I was so fascinated by how this whole life style worked, though, each week, I cringe watching the jealousy between the wives. Who can blame them? I love Mr. Man, and love having him all to myself. I still can't wrap my head around the idea of bringing in another woman to my marriage, watching my husband woo and court her, and loving her as family.

I don't profess this review will be unbiased. In fact, I have few positive comments to make regarding this whole circus. I will say, however, that I love the idea of extra help. Who wouldn't love to have an extra pair of hands to help with the kids or cook dinner or do housework? Maybe I'd do really well in communal living, 'cuz when my mom comes to visit, we are able to knock out stuff way faster than Mr. Man and I. (And without the weird jealousy that these women experience sharing their hubby!) Our Creator is smart. There's a reason why one man and one woman work. Jealousy is a natural feeling. We're supposed to love and cherish our spouse while protecting our marriage. The Bible puts it as "forsaking all others." Without further ado, here's my review of "Becoming Sister Wives" by Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine & Robyn Brown.

For those of you thinking of buying this book for juicy "never before revealed details," save your money. This book reads as a long lengthy couch confessional, and just when you think they're going to really spill it, they backtrack into the "life is grand" song and dance. The book is poorly written, and the editor should be fired. Someone should have said, "YES, but go deeper than that." The most honest confessions are from Christine and Janelle. You'll walk away from this book loathing Kody (more than you already do) and seeing Meri in a whole new light. My opinion of Robyn didn't change much. For some reason, I've always found her to be sweetly annoying. The book is broken down into 3 sections, and within each section, Kody and the wives write their perspectives on these events. Again, due to poor editing, you'll be scratching your head at times thinking, "Huh? What time frame are we talking about?" The book is not in chronological order, and why they wrote it like that, I have no idea. Not that I'm the greatest writer either, but hey, this is a free blogsite. I'm not charging you $12.99 to read my rants and raves. 

Part 1: Matrimony
Kody & Meri:  For the sake of myself, and all of my 2 readers, I'm skipping what you know, and only recounting new facts.
  • Kody converted to Meri's faith
  • Surprise surprise, he talks of feelings of rushing into things, and we learn that he was a huge flirt even before his 4 wives
  • Apparently, the chemistry has always been big between these two, and they kissed tons during their 4 mth courtship
  • During this portion, Kody and Meri both speak of intimacy, recounting their first "intimacy" was in their own home, and how passionate and romantic their honeymoon was
  • Kody and Meri were 22 & 19 when married with 2 minimum wage jobs which they quit upon returning home from their honeymoon.
Kody & Janelle:
  • Raised traditional LDS, converted Meri's brother from the fundalmentalist sec
  • 6 months after the were married, he moved out, Janelle was still tight knit with the family
  • Kody first suggests they should be together, but it's Janelle who approaches him. (After sending his wife to bed..)
  • 2 week courtship, and they were married.
  • Kody never mentions his love, passion, chemistry or anything of the sort with Janelle. He mentions she's responsible, and hard working. It's rather depressing. It seems more like a business transaction than marriage.
  • Janelle moves into Kody and Meri's trailer *awkward* and while she remarks that she and Kody weren't "in love", it appears he and Meri were. Janelle is like a guest in the house, as Meri hangs all over Kody, sleeps in bed with him, and holds hands under a blanket while watching movies. 
Kody & Christine:
  • Christine, 19, bubbly, flirts relentlessly with Kody, as he flirts back.
  • One of the most CRINGE worthy portions of the book. Kody describes how they are on a trip with his church, and he's been sick all night. Christine goes into the gas station with chili cheese nachos and eats them. He describes how she sloppily eats them, and how the "chubby" girl in his car totally grosses him off, and he's then NOT attracted to her. 
  • Christine ALSO reveals during this time Kody & Meri are courting a new wife, but have to wait until she's 18 to MARRY!  What's that bit they always talk about? No child wives?
  • Kody is now 25, taking on a 3rd wife. He and Christine seem to have a puppy love relationship, though, Kody freaks on their wedding night. It's really sad actually. She married the "fun loving" persona, and he's stone cold once they're married! 
 (I'm skipping Robyn. The whole thing played out on tv anyways.. basically, Meri set it up, and then sits back and cries how hurt and lonely she is. Robyn's a wackado who was married to a JESSUP, and just reveals that she was in an abusive marriage, and then some weird alter ego she had.. Idk. No details that haven't already been revealed on tv)

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  1. Thanks for saving me from reading the book...and for the occasional laugh just from your approach to the story, not to the sad sad sad sad sad story itself.

    I read Part II first, that is why I am commenting here... :-)