Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ice-cream and drive by moonings

DISCLAIMER:  Mom, you may want to skip this post!*

In high school, we were inseparable! My girlfriends and I did everything together; got ready for prom, sat together at lunch everyday, went shopping, and one Summer, a bunch of us worked at a theme park together. Even as seniors, we still had Friday night sleepovers. Back in the day, pre-facebook/social networking frenzy, things were a bit more lax. Perhaps, we were a bit naive, which we were, but for some reason, we thought drive by moonings were hilarious. Now, hindsight is 20/20, and growing up, getting married and having kids of our own makes it even clearer, but nonetheless, this was our idea of a good time. 
Last night, Dylan was at a friend's house, and the three little boys and myself were at home. Every Friday night in our house is pizza and movie night. We make pizzas and get a couple of movies from Redbox. Around 8:30pm, I got a huge hankering for a Sonic peanut butter cup blast. The bubbies were already in their pjs, but I figured why not, and we loaded up into the van. When I was a little girl, my mom would sometimes take us for pj ice-cream runs. We would go to Friendlys, and I would get the single serving peanut butter cup ice-cream. I think family traditions are important to carry on from generation to generation, especially ones that involves ice-cream in pjs. 

After we all got our mini-blasts, we were all feeling somewhat rebellious and giddy, what being out after 8:30 and all. Cam suggested we go do something "exciting!" I jokingly told them we should do "drive by moonings." They asked what it was. I said,"someone drives, and honks the horn while you all hang your butts out the window." 

The boys were appalled! Cam said, "Wow, Mom, no way that is so weird." Kieran said, "That is disgusting! I don't want anyone seeing my butt!" Even the 4 yr old chimed in,"mommy! That is very innpro'piate." Cam said,"Besides, what if someone had bad balance and fell out the window and died. Mom, you have the worst ideas of fun." I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. (though, I felt a little rebuked as well, and thanked God that my kids obviously have more common sense than I did as a teenager.) I always thought one day, (when they were much much MUCH older) I'd tell my kids of my wild teenage adventures, though after last night, I think this is one I'll be taking to the grave.

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