Monday, July 30, 2012

The World According to Kieran and Liam

Kieran, on how he's going to make his money:
I'm going to build flying cars and live in a huge mansion. And I'll eat all of my meals at a huge table. I'll have servants to do everything for me, and I won't pay them anything.

On being told he has to pay, and how we no longer call housekeepers "servants":
Fine, I'll pay them like $10 a day..What? More? Fine, a gold bar a day

Me telling him that for a gold bar a day, I'd work for him:
hmmm, yeah, Mom. I'm sorry, but you'd be too old to work. 

I'll admit it. The thumb situation has gotten out of control. To wean our 2nd oldest from his pacifier, we cut a little from the tip each night for about a week. Once it got down to a nub, he threw it on the floor. While it did occur to me that we might have to begin to amputate parts of his thumb, I find that Kindergarten has a way of weeding out baby habits.

Cameron was highly addicted to a brown bear that used to lie in his crib. The tail had one of those coil pull strings and would play music, well, it did until the ex MIL washed it. Anywho, Cam asked to take it to school his 1st day. He came home telling me all of his classmates laughed at his bear, and he threw it under his bed. 

Similarly, Kieran was teased for being a "baby" for sucking his thumb during naptime his first week of kindergarten. The habit quickly stopped. So, I'm not too worried about Liam. The kindergarten bullies with sort him out.

Anywho, I occasionally ask Liam when he's going to stop sucking his thumb. Here are some of his responses...
Um, never. Sucking my thumb is the best.
THIS one (left thumb) is the best, because it has water. The other one is broken.
Mmm, maybe when I like 30 or something?

On his classmates calling him a baby for sucking his thumb:
No they won't. Cuz, I not a baby, and sucking my thumb is great. 
Then, I just punch them in the face.

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  1. Who needs someone else's reality??? Yours cracks me up!