Monday, July 30, 2012

The title of the blog

TLC reality shows bore me. Anyone's family could look interesting with $ and paid outings. Here are my real life stories..and warning for friends, family and rude store clerks, any interaction with me is fair game.

My youngest was around 11 mths, when I heard, "Mom! The baby's in the toilet." I came in to find Liam standing in the toilet holding on. The older boys swore up and down he had climbed in there on his own. Of course I had to run and grab my camera. #4 was the most laid back sweet baby

 Again, I don't remember the last time I saw a duggar kid in toilet...


  1. Too funny! I love how moms leave their kids in all sorts of places and messes in order to grab the camera! (I have a picture of me red faced and sobbing "in jail" trapped under my crib when I was little). Looking forward to more on the boys! :-)


  2. See.. I'll have to tell Mom. She said the title and story are irrelevant because it happend 3 yrs ago. This captured moment offers a little peak into the insanities of motherhood!

    And we take a picture, because sometimes, we feel no one would believe us otherwise! =)