Monday, July 30, 2012

Texts from Mom

My mom is the pillar of our family. She's also extremely ADD, treats her large goldendoodle like a toddler, and sometimes suffers from dementia. (I'm only joking about that last part..sort of) Despite me telling mom how I never listen to voicemails, she still calls and leaves me 3 minute long voicemails describing her day, the dog, and what she ate. Mom is a pretty fun granny. She holds kickball tournaments at her house with the annual cousin sleepover, "Cousin Camp", and her ever infamous change to the "Clean Up Song" (which she teaches to all of the grandchildren) ....."Always wear clean underwear!" I asked mom for a pic of Molly (the beloved Goldendoodle), but mom refused saying,"No! You're just going to try to make her look bad." So, I copied and pasted from her FB. 

First, the beloved Molls
Mom and the boys about to catch some waves 
The winners of the kickball tournament
The losers
Things Mom has said
On her ebay business:
 "I'm trying to do this ebay thing to help support a missionary and I think I'm almost paying people to take my stuff! It feels a little stressful!"

On something my sister had told her:
 Heidi said she read a survey that claims 90% of women enjoy cleaning; one more confirmation I'm not normal.

Her and Pops:
 Saturday evening we thought we were young and carefree and went to eat spicy, fried fast food for dinner; by the middle of the night we were back to reality.

On my nephew:
 Weston is providing background music on the piano, a variation of chopsticks. I think it's good he'll be taking violin in the fall... I asked how he chose the violin and he said his dad showed him a video where the guy played the violin so fast that fire was shooting out of it! Somehow I'm not thinking that instrument will live up to his expectations!

On FB pictures:
 After all the hideous pictures my daughters have pictured of me, I'm awaiting a call from one of those makeover shows. I'm sure I'll be chosen.

This gem was sent this morning. Despite the fact that I moved down South 6 yrs ago, Mom always acts surprised at the 1 hr time difference when she calls in the am and wakes me (her, being an hour AHEAD of me). She tells me "sleep is for when you're dead."
This was my 7 am wake up text:

Must you mate on our screen?

 Nothing wakes me up like a text of two daddy long legs mating on mom's screen.

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