Sunday, January 13, 2013

Teeth, faux flu, and cleaning in your bra kind of day.

 I'm a big faker. I woke up this morning feeling achy, nauseous and with a pounding headache. (And no, I was not sipping any moonshine last night) I really did feel awful. Mr. Man, and the 10 yr old had headaches too, so we skipped church. Apparently, we're all big fakers, because by 11am, we were all feeling better. Mr. Man headed to the city to pick me up a TEAS test study guide and took all of the boys with him. *Bless him.* In two weeks, I will take my entrance test for Dental Hygiene School, and by May, I'll find out whether or not I'm in. This has been 3 years in the making. Why Dental Hygiene? Well, I like teeth. I can't deal with pee or poo, the pay is good, and the hours better. I blame Mom. Her power of persuasion seeped into my subconscious and thus I began my journey. 

This is a picture of a rootcanal in process. I got to see two of these this past week during my observations. I was pretty much giddy. That's how you really know this is what you want to do. When someone shows you different forms of rotting teething, and you feel all excited. My Mom told me "Believe or not, not everyone loves going to the dentist." WHAT? Say it ain't true!!!! Anywho, onto today....
Here's my dirty little secret: my bedroom & master bath are always a hot mess. Today, as I was on the phone looking for a pair of tweezers to get a few stray babies on my chin, I noticed the mold growing on the track of our shower door. 10 minutes later, I was stripped down to my bra and underwear sweating and scrubbing our shower clean. I'm not exactly sure how this happend, but I ended up taking a bucket of bleach water and scrubbing down the baseboards in the bathroom. 30 minutes later, my nose was filled with the smell of bleach, and I lost my motivation to mop the floor. 

Here's a rare glimpse into the least scene room of my house. Our bathroom is the most neglected room. I've never gotten around to decorating it. (6.5 years later) and it becomes of the catch all of "Only wore for a few hours, too lazy to hang it up clothes" and other random items I fully intend on putting away. The first 6 months were in the house, my hand towel rack, and the main towel rack fell off of the wall. Apparently, the previous owners' hubby wasn't much of a handyman. You would think we would have gotten more hardware and put it up. By we I of course mean Mr. Man. I blame him. I don't know what his aversion is to hanging or nailing things. The man will build me shelves, weld a fire pit for the backyard, and manufacture his own moonshine, er, ethanol gas, but he despise having to hang things. After I was done cleaning, tweezers long forgotten, I decided 2013 will be the year we do something with the master bath, even if I have to HIRE someone to re-hang those towel racks.
And dear ones, if anyone has any suggestions on bathroom decor, I'm all ears! I would really like to go for a black and baby blue, or yellow and something. I'm transitioning into happy colors: pretty greens, yellows, reds and blues!

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  1. I actually love going to the dentist. It's like the spa for my mouth. I'm not sure I'm a good person to weigh in on design ideas as my half bath is done with central Africa in mind, and my full bath is being done with West Africa and the Sahara in mind...and the vanity is going to be made from deconstructed pallets. But I don't think black belongs in a bathroom. Ick. :-)