Friday, October 26, 2012

WIgs, and stomach churning Halloween Treats!

Here in the South, Bunco groups are huge! When I first moved here, I tried to join one, however, I couldn't even manage sub status, so my girlfriends and I decided to make our own group. We're not exclusive, but our group's just grown so large, that we had to stop inviting people. This part always hurts our hearts, because we don't want to make anyone feel left out. I had to put that disclaimer in, because I am really excited to share these pics!
 This is POKENO, it's a lot like BINGO, except using a deck of cards. (And by a LOT, I mean exactly like) Every month, we pick a theme for food and our gift. The gifts are between  $5-$10 and each member takes a turn hosting. Every Christmas, we have our annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.. Here are some shots from a few of our Christmas extravaganzas:
 As you can see, we're pretty stylish gals. True story: Last year, one of the girls ran into a couple of older members of her church, and she told them we were having a holiday sweater party. The person with the winning ensemble wins a free dinner. Yes, we actually wear these outfits out in public. The waiter votes on the ugliest one. 

Last year, we started a themed Halloween POKENO night. We had to wear a wig, and bring a gross food. Lemme tell you, one woman brought "Kitty Litter" in an actual kitty litter box, with a poop sifter to serve he desert. She won hands down. Even though I KNEW the box and utensil were brand new, I just couldn't stomach eating it!
  How nasty is this?

Last night, we had our annual gross food, and wig night. The moms pulled out all of the stops on this one!
 Eyeballs, ghost strawberries, a baby face cheese ball, and.. well, let's just say the ones on the top left as supposed to be something only used by women, AND this is a GIRLS only club!
One of our moms just made a regular cherry pie. An certain mom exclaimed, "Ewww! Gross! What is that?" Um, cherry pie?
Green spinach dip!
Dried Bat Wings
Fondue fountain.. we tried to make it look bloody, but it just ended up looking like a Valentine's Day fountain!
Blood punch with bugs!
 It was such a fun night! Can't wait to see what girls bring next year! <3 Suzzy

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